Colleges/universities around the U.S. have been offering classes on Japanese animation and Japanese comics for close to 20 years now. This directory compiles many of these classes, their course descriptions, profiles, syllabi/reading lists, and, as possible, any coverage they receive in the media.

  • Journals

Selected journals that have published papers on anime, manga, the activities and practices of anime/manga fans around the world, and other related topics

  • Academic Programs

[Ed. note: The emphasis in these program is on studying animation/comics as art forms, rather than teaching students how to become creators or artists.]

Manga (M.A./Ph.D., Kyoto Seika University)

Animation Emphasis (B.A., Film & Media Arts, The University of Utah)
Comics and Cartoon Studies (undergraduate minor, University of Oregon)
Comics Studies (undergraduate minor, Henderson State University)
Comics Studies  (post-baccaulaureate certificate, Portland State University)
Comics and Visual Rhetoric (MA/PhD in English track, University of Florida)

Other Countries
Comics and Graphic Novels (master’s program, University of Dundee, UK)

  • Academic Projects

Comics and Graphic Novels: The Politics of Form (University of Oxford)
Comics Studies Graduate Research Cluster (University of Washington)
International Manga Research Center (Kyoto Seika University)
Scottish Centre for Comics Studies (University of Dundee)
Women’s Manga Research Project (Chikushi Jogakuen University)

  • Societies, Associations and Organizations

Anime and Manga Research Circle
Comics Studies Society
Japan Society for Animation Studies
Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association
Animation subject area
Asian Popular Culture subject area
Comics and Comic Art subject area
Society for Animation Studies
Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Comic Studies Scholarly Interest Group
Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation

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