Director Bibliography – Satoshi Kon

This bibliography covers English-language scholarly publications on Satoshi Kon and his works written in English that I am aware of. Whenever possible, and if this is not clear from the title of a particular essay, the actual work or works that it focuses on is noted.

[Page last updated: August 14, 2017]


Teodorescu, Alice. Blurring the screen: The fragmented self, the database, and the narratives of Satoshi Kon. Ekphrasis: Images, Cinema, Theory, Media, 15(1), 63-74.
[Perfect Blue, Paprika]

Vernon, Alice. Digital sleep and the performance of lucidity in Paprika. Performance Research: A Journal of the Performance Arts, 21(1), 115-119.





  • Wells, Paul. Playing the Kon trick: Between dates, dimensions and daring in the films of Satoshi Kon. Cinephile: The University of British Columbia’s Film Journal, 7(1), 4-8.





  • Mes, Tom. Requiem for a dream: The films of Satoshi Kon bring the depths of the subconscious into bright anime light. Film Comment, 43(2), 46-48.
  • Ortabasi, Melek Su. Teaching modern Japanese history with animation: Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress. Education About Asia, 12(1), 62-65.




  • Sharp, Jasper. Perfect Blue – Satoshi Kon, Japan, 1997. In Justin Bowyer (Ed.), The Cinema of Japan and Korea (pp. 161-168). London, UK: Wallflower Press.
  • Yokota, Mamao. Satoshi Kon’s transition from comics to animation. International Journal of Comic Art, 6(1), 250-265.



3 thoughts on “Director Bibliography – Satoshi Kon

  1. Hi!! Great list! I am doing my thesis on the work of Satoshi Kon and I was wondering, if you have read and still have some of this digital documents, if I could ask for it? It’s super difficult to find of this studies online and free. Thanks a lot!

  2. Also, for finding these kinds of materials “for free”, it’s always a good idea to check with your school’s library! Even if they do not have that book in their collection or subscribe to that journal, they can usually get it for you from another one!

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