Director Bibliography – Mamoru Oshii

This bibliography covers scholarly publications on Mamoru Oshii as an anime director or screenwriter written in English that I am aware of. It specifically does not include scholarship on his live-action films, the “anime live-action hybrid feature” Avalon, or his Blood: The Last Vampire – Night of the Beasts novel. Whenever possible, and if this is not clear for the title of a particular essay, I have also tried to identify and note the actual work or works that it discusses.




  • Schmidt-Tomczak, Sebastian. The animation of the cyborg trope: Oshii Mamoru’s Ghost in the Shell. In Karin Sellberg, Lena Wanggren, & Kamillea Aghtan (Eds.), Corporeality and culture: Bodies in movement (pp. 81-94). Farnham, UK: Ashgate.




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  • Riekeles, Stefan, & Lamarre, Thomas. Image essay: Mobile worldviews. Mechademia: An Annual Forum for Anime, Manga and the Fan Arts, 7, 173-188.
    [Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell]


  • Clement, Frederic. Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence: Thinking before the act. Cinephile: The University of British Columbia’s Film Journal, 7(1), 30-36.
  • Terai, Hiroko. Disembodiment of our physical bodies and embodiment of urban space in Oshii Mamoru’s animations. International Journal of Comic Art, 13(2), 437-447.


  • Penicka-Smith, Sarah. Cyborg songs for an existential crisis. In Joseph Steiff and Tristan D. Tamplin (Eds.), Anime and Philosophy: Wide Eyed Wonder (pp. 261-274). Chicago: Open Court Publishing.
    [Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence]


  • Ford, Paul J. Hacking the mind: Existential enhancement in Ghost in the Shell. In Sandra Shapshay (Ed.), Bioethics at the Movies (pp. 156-169). Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.


  • Miller, Gerald Alva Jr. “To shift to a higher structure”: Desire, disembodiment, and evolution in the anime of Otomo, Oshii, and Anno. Intertexts: A Journal of Comparative and Theoretical Reflection, 12(2), 145-166.
    [Ghost in the Shell]


  • Notaro, Anna. “Innocence is life”: Searching for the post-human soul in Ghost in the Shell 2. International Journal of Comic Art, 9(1), 610-624.





  • Yokota, Masao, Koide, Masashi, & Kifune, Tokumitsu. From the autistic world to entertainment in feature animations of Mamoru Oshii. The Japanese Journal of Animation Studies, 4(1A), 19-26.





  • Kim, Won. The quest for humanity: The hero’s journey in Walt Disney’s Pinocchio and Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell. Animatrix, 10, 50-72.


  • Chute, David. Ghost in the Shell: The soul of the new machine. Film Comment, 32(3), 84-88.

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