Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices

Editor: Melinda Beasi

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics (Milwaukee, OR)

ISBN: 1616552786 / 9781616552787


  • Dacey, Katherine. What is manga? (pp. 5-24)
  • Garrity, Shaenon. Shonen manga (pp. 25-44)
  • Gaffney, Sean. Shojo manga (pp. 45-60)
  • Chavez, Ed. Seinen manga (pp. 61-76)
  • Garrity, Shaenon. Josei manga (pp. 77-87)
  • Friedman, Erica. Yuri manga (pp. 89-93)
  • Garrity, Shaenon. Boys’ love manga (pp. 95-102)
  • Friedman, Erica. Untranslated and fan translated (pp. 103-105)
  • Brenner, Robin and Garrity, Shaenon. Challenges (pp. 107-139)

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