Pikachu’s Global Adventure: The Rise and Fall of Pokemon

Editor: Joseph Tobin

Publisher: Duke University Press (Durham, NC)


I. Contexts and issues

  • Tobin, Joseph. Introduction (pp. 3-11)
  • Buckingham, David, & Sefton-Green, Julian. Structure, agency, and pedagogy in children’s media culture (pp. 12-33).
  • Allison, Anne. Cuteness as Japan’s millennial product (pp. 34-49).

II. Global circulation

  • Iwabuchi, Koichi. How “Japanese” is Pokemon? (pp. 53-79).
  • Katsuno, Hirofumi, & Maret, Jeffrey. Localizing the Pokemon TV series for the American market (pp. 80-107).
  • Yano, Christine R. Panic attacks: Anti-Pokemon voices in global markets (pp. 108-138).

III. Places and practices

  • Sefton-Green, Julian. Initiation rites: A small boy in a Poke-world (pp. 141-164).
  • Lemish, Dafna, & Bloch, Linda-Renee. Pokemon in Israel (pp. 165-186).
  • Brougere, Gilles. How much is a Pokemon worth? Pokemon in France (pp. 187-208).

IV. Pokemon goes to school

  • Bromley, Helen. Localizing Pokemon through narrative play (pp. 211-225).
  • Willett, Rebekah. The multiple identities of Pokemon fans (pp. 226-240).
  • Tobin, Samuel. Masculinity, maturity, and the end of Pokemon (pp. 241-256).

Tobin, Joseph. Conclusion: The rise and fall of the Pokemon empire (pp. 257-292).


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